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Welcome to THE Celestia Addons.

A special site for Celestia's add-ons like :

Systems, Planets, Objects, ...

Starbases, Vessels, Spacecrafts...

One of the best space 3D simulator software !

​​Newest arrival

Jan 10th 2023 : Cardassia

​​​Latest update(s)

Mar 01st 2023 : New France v3.1

Mar 10th 2023 : Norpin v2

Mar 20th 2023 : Oceanus v2.1




A 3-D, real-time space simulator.

All addons are free !


Add-ons creators


Thanks to :





mraab, ...


Thank you all users for your encouragement.



Only for MS Systems.


However, a little update will make them compatible with Linux and

MAC OS ...

Figures in detail


On March 2023 :

~98 stellar systems,

~830 planets,

more 1,370 moons,

more 1106 vessels, shuttles, ...

Celestia site : To download the software, click on the picture or If the link is OUT,

try this :

​​​Certified for Windows 11 (22H2)

Oct 2022

Celestia   News

Previous updated :

Oceanus v2.1 (02/10/2022),

Norpin v2.0 (03/10/2023),

New France v3.1 (03/01/2023),

Nahmi v2.1 (02/20/2022),

Mariposa v2.1 (02/10/2022), ...


Newest add-on

Cardasia system v1

Previous add-ons :

Cardassia system v1,


Acamar system v1,

J25 system v1,

Ferenginar system v1,

Altair system v1,...

05 Catalogs.jpg

New release !


Previous : Lunar gateway v1

                   + Orion v2

USS Coto.jpg

Previous : USS Coto  v1


Previous : Europa clipper  v1

USS Axor.jpg

Last : USS Axor  v1

Artemis 1

Previous : Artemis 1  v1


Nextly : an idea ?


Jan 21th 2014 : argelesmer wrote about the Celestia forum to announce the existence
of my new site.

His future addons will be welcome here.

The official site of Celestia is accessible by url (

With an increasing number of systems required a reorganization of pages ...
it is going on now !

Summer 2014 : the same thing for the vessels...

2 differents ways for each picture, a link or the max size !

Two servers : According to bandwidth problems early June 2015,

I added some links to download files according to 2 different sites.

Feb 2020 : A new catalog arrived,  based on Gaia's datas.
I saw differences between 2.1c's catalog and the gaia's catalog and

I have to update several stc files...

​​​Tested and certified for Windows 11 - 22H2 (Oct 2022)

​​​Dec 10th 2013
The First Day


9 years already !

Newest arrival :

Jan 10th 2023 : Cardassia v1

Latest update

Mar 01st 2023 : New France v3.1

Mar 10th 2023 : Norpin v2

Mar 20th 2023 : Oceanus v2.1

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